GoldFever Mining Supply

GoldFever Mining Supply

GoldFever Mining Supply maintains a store at Eagle City Park from mid-May thru mid-October.  Off season, you can visit us at 16405 N Ramsey Road in Rathdrum, Idaho by appointment.

We stock pans, classifiers, vials, scales, picks, etc.  We distribute Keene & Jobe as well as our own unique products.  

"GoldFever" Bob Lowe designs, manufactures and markets the finest in recreational gold prospecting Supplies / small scale mining equipment & supplies.  He is the President of Eagle City Mining Company, Ltd & founder of the NorthWest Gold Prospectors Association   

Please visit our campground at Eagle City Park and our Online Storefront.  Thank you!

Please be sure to check out "Jinger's Gold-Con Fluid Tube".  The BEST tool to eliminate most of your panning.  You can purchase an assembled one in our store or purchase & download a set of DIY plans by clicking HERE


Prospecting Supplies & Equipment

New products are coming soon!

Jinger's Gold-Con Fluid Tube - DIY PLANS ***$15***

 "Jinger's Gold-Con Fluid Tube" that was designed by my then 11 year old granddaughter, will turn a 5-gallon bucket of dredge, high-banker, dry washer or screened (1/4 minus) gold-bearing gravel into a cup or so of highly concentrated material in a matter of minutes. It saves hours of panning without losing a speck of visible gold. 

Since gold is 19.3 times heavier than water, Jinger theorized that by using Archimedes Principle of Displacement, her Gold-Con Fluid Tube would displace the lighter, non-valuable waste sand and gravel while leaving the heavier, highly concentrated, valuable gold bearing material in the tube.

After winning 1st place in the “working invention” category at her STEM school science fair and with rigorous testing together with some improvements, we saw the potential in that this product could be developed economically, marketed affordably and used successfully in the process of extracting GOLD from your gold-bearing gravels.  A fully assembled Jinger's Gold-Con Fluid Tube can be purchased for $40 in our store at Eagle City Park or through our Online Store. 

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Take time to visit Eagle City Park and try your hand at gold panning.  A great place for your family to get away from in all!

Eagle City Park & GoldFever Mining Supply

439 Eagle Creek Road, Wallace, Idaho 83873, United States

(208) 699-8128


Eagle City Park and GoldFever Mining Supply at 439 Eagle Creek Road is open from mid-May thru mid-October.  

By appointment, we have a winter store at 16405 N Ramsey Road in Rathdrum, ID.  Please call  208-699-8128 to setup a time.  Thanks........